Online Registration for Fall 2019 is now closed! TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE IN PERSON AT VENUES and will continue until day of event/while supplies last.

Want to level up even more? Wondering what a Firkin even is?

Well, let me tell you. A Firkin is a small barrel of beer that is 1/4 the size of a standard full barrel of beer. A full Firkin will contain about 10.79 gallons. It is a DELICIOUS cask ale…meaning not filtered, clarified, pasteurized, or force carbonated. It leaves all the good in the beer. Plus, Firkins are unique, one-off creations that are impossible to brew the same firkin more than once!

Choose this walk for $40 and enjoy the two 3-ounce craft samples, the VIP offer, AND the special Firkin sample at 10 pre-determined Firkin venues!

We guarantee you will have a Firkin good time!

Now is time for the tough decision!  Choose which bar you will start at to purchase your Firkin Walk for $40.  Be sure to select the Firkin option in the drop down when purchasing your ticket.  Once the ticket is purchased, keep your receipt/voucher for the day of the event - show it to the bartender at the venue you purchased from to receive your pint glass, wristband, and special Firkin Walk card.  At that point, you can visit any of the remaining 9 firkin bars in any order!